26 July 2022

Language(S) In Museum(S): Resources + Visions For Museology

26/07/2022 0:00 – 28/07/2022 0:00

Global | Puebla de los Angeles | Museo Urbano Interactivo, Calle 4 Norte, Centro, Puebla, Mexico

The event is an international and interdisciplinary workshop to plan for the development of a cluster of digital resources focused on promoting the inclusion of Indigenous and minority languages in the curatorship of museum collections and exhibitions.

The Workshop:  Language(s) in Museum(s): Resources + Visions for Museology will take place in the historic city of Puebla de los Angeles, Mexico, July 26 – 28, 2022, at the Museo Urbano Interactivo. The Workshop will allow for  both in-person and remote participation, following approved health and safety protocols. The format will feature open discussions among all the workshop participants following focused presentations about the participants’ experiences from the COLING project, ARENET, museum professional scholars, activists, teachers, and community members relating directly to museum practices in different cultural and national settings. Major themes planned for the workshop include: digital resources to facilitate multivocality and engage diverse audiences; different ways of incorporating Indigenous and minority languages and perspectives into museum exhibits, collections and curatorial practices; educational activities in museums, with schools, and in other community settings; aural and visual presentations of languages; epistemological and practical dimensions of curatorship around the inclusion of Indigenous and minority languages and cultural perspectives. The workshop would also like to explore the inclusive relations among communities, their languages, local administration, economies, and community museums.

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