Gregory Haimovich

is a PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”. He received his master degree in Linguistics and Ibero-American studies summa cum
laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2015. Gregory Haimovich has been involved in several research projects at the University of Warsaw, where he has been working on various subjects related to language contact, ethnohistory and language revitalization in Latin America and has authored a number of articles and book chapters in these areas of study. He is currently a member of the Center in Research and Practice for Cultural Continuity, engaged in the project “Language as a Cure: linguistic vitality as a tool for psychological well-being, health and economic sustainability”. His PhD research is a part of a participatory-action research project conducted in Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico, which focuses on the application of the Nahuatl language in public health services.

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