Greta de León

is the Executive Director of The Americas Research Network (ARENET) since 2003. Under her direction, ARENET has initiated, coordinated, and secured funding to support the work of researchers in over 30 international, multi-disciplinary research projects focused on biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity, colonial architecture, and diverse dimensions of history and culture. Organized a series of scholarly symposia, conferences and workshops, as well as exhibitions, concerts, and other public events oriented to the general public.


During the same period, awarded over 180 research fellowships and travel grants. Created the first fellowship program to explore the diverse dimensions of U.S.-Mexican transnationalism and the BJM Grant Program to support research in South America. Over 800 scholars, students and members of local communities affiliated with 150 institutions, have participated in these activities.



Greta is the COLING Coordinator of ARENET.

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