Jowita Niewulis-Grablunas

Researcher and lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature. In 2005, she obtained her PhD on the “Phonology of the Lithuanian dialect of Punskas”. She teaches Lithuanian, descriptive grammar (including phonetics and phonology) of Latvian, Baltic dialectology, as well as area studies and history of the Baltic States. Her scholarly interests include dialectology and typology, in particular the Dzukian variety spoken by the Lithuanian minority in Poland, which is also her ethnicity. These studies resulted in several articles and two monographs on the phonological system of the Dzukian dialect. Moreover, she has undertaken many efforts in preserving her native language and culture, founding social media page- Pūncko ir Sainų apylinkių dzūkai, where she regularly publishes on and for the Dzukian language community.

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