Kyunney Takasaeva

PhD. Kyunney Takasaeva is a native Sacha of Yakutia (Russia). Spoken languages: Yakut, Russian, Polish and English. She graduated in Irkutsk and Moscow in the fields of psychology and pedagogy. She did didactic and academic work in the field of ethnopsychology and cultural studies.
She is the author of two doctoral dissertations. The first, in the field of psychology, about psychological prevention of professional deformation/professional burnout, including ethnopsychological aspects (prepared and defended in Moscow, 2001). The second dissertation was about changes in the culture and identity of the Sacha people since earlier ethnographic (Polish) research in the 19th century. This was prepared and defended as a cultural study with a distinction grade in the Polish language at the Faculty of Artes Liberales , University of Warsaw in 2017.
A graduate of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” of the University of Warsaw, she obtained a PhD in humanities in the field of cultural studies. Since 2009, she has been associated with the same faculty as a participant in the Erasmus Mundus grant under the supervision of Professor Jan Kieniewicz.
In March 2018, she was awarded the “Wacław Sieroszewski” medal by the Commune of Tłuszcz for her achievement furthering Yakut ethnographic and literary works.
She is the author of over twenty scientific and popular science publications in Polish and Russian. She has participated in international scientific conferences in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Opole), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yakutsk) and USA (Fort-Ross, California).
Her scientific interests focus on the study of cultural anthropology, including the societies and cultures of Russia, Central Asia and the Arctic. She is interested in the identity of indigenous peoples and multiculturalism, (especially the cultures of the native peoples of Siberia), in the context of post-colonialism and modern neo-colonialism and the context of the research done by foreigners in the Siberian territories up to the 20th century and their perspectives on the identity of the indigenous peoples of Siberia.
During his stay in Poland, as part of cultural events, she has been involved in popularizing knowledge about contemporary Yakutia, Siberia. She gives popular presentations and lectures about contemporary Yakutia (about Sacha culture, Yucca cinema, painting and contemporary music, tourism, etc.). She conducts extensive work in the field of popularizing knowledge about the indigenous peoples of Siberia in cooperation with cultural institutions and universities, organizing lectures, exhibitions, and film screenings about art and folklore in contemporary Siberia.
She has collaborated with well-known festivals in Poland including the Russian Film Festival “Sputnik over Poland”, International Festival of the Art of Stories, International Documentary Film Festival “HumanDOC”, International folklore festival in Zakopane and with culture centers and events, lectures, exhibitions, Yakutian film shows and other similar events related to the field of culture.
As a curator, she organized exhibitions in Warsaw: “Polish researchers of Siberia”, contemporary painters from Yakutia, Yakut jewelry decorations, etc. She prepared lectures and interviews for films and television (Yakutian or about Siberian indigenous peoples).
She gives lectures/ presentations and lectures to touristic clubs, societies, schools, museums and meetings about travelling to Siberia and relating to her academic disciplines. She also plays the traditional Yakut national musical instrument, called the Chomus, often performing at the aforementioned events.

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