Tomasz Wicherkiewicz

Prof. Dr. Tomasz Wicherkiewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (AMU, Poland)

Degrees:  M.A. in Linguistics & Science of Information; Ph.D. in Comparative; post-doc Habilitation In Linguistics; B.A. student of Latvian/Baltic

Sociolinguist, university professor of linguistics at AMU Faculty of Modern Languages & Literatures, head of Department of Language Policy & Minority Studies, lecturer, expert and fieldworker

Research topics: sociolinguistics of minor(ized) languages, language policy and language planning, minority studies, endangered languages, their documentation and revitalization strategies, regional/collateral languages and microlanguages, sociolinguistics of writing systems, fieldwork in sociolinguistics and language policy.

Activities and role in the COLING Project:

– COLING Coordinator of the AMU (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) team and activities

– Research on the language maintenance programs and revitalization strategies among minority and regional language communities in Europe (Wilamowice, Latgalia, Calabria, Friesland) and America

– Methodology and practice of documentation and archiving of linguistic and cultural diversity; multidisciplinary research in language and culture


– European-descent language microcommunities and migrant microenclaves in the Americas


– Role of scriptal issues (scripts, writing systems, orthographies and graphies), language ideologies and language attitudes in developing innovative teaching methodologies

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